+ How do I use my #SKIN acne products?

The first two weeks :

Morning – wash, tone, apply Mandelic Serum every other morning, finish with Moisturizing SPF.

Evening – wash, ice any inflamed pimples for a few minutes, apply Acne Cream for 15-30 min only, then wash it off with your cleanser, tone and apply balancing moisturizer.

After two weeks:

Morning – wash, tone, apply Mandelic Serum every morning, Moisturizing SPF

Evening – wash, ice, apply Acne Cream and leave on all night. If your skin feels dry, then alternate Acne Cream with Balancing moisturizer.

How long should I use #SKIN products in order for my skin to get and stay clear?

It takes 4 – 5 months for your skin to become significantly clearer. However acne is an ongoing condition that can only be managed and not cured. In order to keep your skin clear you will have exfoliate your pores indefinitely, which is what the Mandelic Serum does.

+ My skin is red and/or dry after just starting my #SKIN care regimen. Is that normal?

Light dryness and redness is normal, as #SKIN products have strong active ingredients. If your skin feels very irritated and dry, stop using Mandelic Serum for 2-3 days and then resume use.

*If you think you are having an allergic reaction, which is characterized by rash-like red itchy bumps in clusters, discontinue use immediately and contact your doctor.

+ Can I use makeup?

Yes. Stay away from all comedogenic makeup as it clogs your pores and contradicts your acne treatment. You can use #SKIN tinted moisturizer with SPF 30, pressed or loose mineral powder, such as Bare Minerals Original Powder or any of the make up products of Priia Cosmetics.

+ Are there any foods that make acne worse?

Yes. Frequent consumption of dairy, iodine rich foods and peanuts/peanut butter may worsen acne.

+ Are there any supplements/vitamins that help with acne?

Yes. Fish /Flax Oil tablets, Optizinc and Probiotics are three supplements strongly recommended for acne prone skin. They can be found in any vitamin store and their use will help with balancing your hormones and reducing the inflammation in your body.

*If you have medical history or are under a physician’s supervision please consult your doctor first before taking any supplements.

+ Can I use other products along with #SKIN products?

Yes. As long as you make sure they are non-comedogenic.Consult your esthetician to make sure they are not blocking the action of your active products.

+ What products are non-comedogenic?

Non-comedogenic products are products that do not clog your pores. Labeling can be misleading as the government does not oversee pore clogging ingredients , therefore a lot of cosmetic products out there will claim they are non–comedogenic and still contain ingredients that clog your pores. So you always have to check for yourself. Everything that is in your skin care regimen, including make up should be checked for pore clogger.

Click here for a list of pore clogging ingredients.

+ Is it ok to extract/squeeze my pimples?

Unless you are getting extractions during a facial you should not be squeezing your pimples. Improper extraction can lead to causing a big cyst or scarring.

+ Can I use #SKIN products if I am on Accutane or other prescription acne medication?

If you are on Accutane, you should only use products recommended by your doctor and nothing else.

If you are on topical prescription medications you should discontinue their use 10 says prior to starting the use of #SKIN acne regimen. Failure to do so can result in skin irritation and hyper pigmentation.

+ Are #SKIN products safe for pregnant women?

Generally they are, but we recommend that you check with your doctor first. Our product ingredients are listed in the store section of our website.