Are you at the point where you just don't know what to do any more? Your skin breaks out constantly, regardless of what you do !!! You saw a dermatologist , you tried Proactiv, you bought the whole acne section in Sephora and today you have a new batch of zits ! Again !!!

Did you freak out this morning , when you couldn't find your make up bag and thought you had to go out with just your bare skin ?

Believe me I know exactly how you feel ! And I also know you do not need to feel like that anymore. This is your lucky day :)

Welcome to Facial Studio Magdalena.

Here you will receive a personalized consultation , based on your type of skin, type of acne, your current lifestyle and a number of other factors. Then we will build a skin care program specifically for you to help you clear up within 4-5 months.

A lot of companies out there offer acne cosmetic products, however the same approach is used on all acne types and that is why most of them don't work. Here we will evaluate your skin and choose the right products for you.

Throughout the course of your treatment we will change your regimen every few weeks to make sure your skin does not get used to the routine, which is another reason most products don`t work long term. Skin has the ability to develop resistance , when the same regimen is used for a long time. 

Last , but not least, we will review your lifestyle and determine which foods, supplements and activities help and which ones worsen your acne.

Our acne treatment success rate is 95 % . Clearing period may vary. If you are closeto Chicago and choose to come in for treatments regularly, it may only take about 3-4 months. If you choose to use home regimen only you will still achieve clear skin, even though it will take a little longer.

Don`t wait. Take the first step to having clear skin !!!