Why Choose #SKIN

When #SKIN was being created, we wanted our customers to have a home care program that educates them on what acne is and products that helps them manage it and keep breakouts away.

Things to look for when you choose your acne products:

Non-comedogenic products – Acne starts with clogging of the pores. A lot of products out there have pore clogging ingredients even though they claim they don’t; The FDA does not regulate that. Always check for yourself and do not trust what cosmetic labels say. We made sure that none of the #SKIN products will clog up your pores. Click here a list of comedogenic ingredients.

Active products – all acne sufferers have to use two main products – an exfoliator (Mandelic Acid) and an antibacterial (Benzoyl Peroxide). The exfoliator cleans inside the pores and prevents from forming new breakouts. The antibacterial manages the current breakouts by killing the acne bacteria. For that purpose we created #SKIN Mandelic Serum and #SKIN Acne Cleanser.

Effectively formulated BPO – Benzoyl Peroxide BPO, which is the main ingredient in #SKIN Acne Cleanser, has been used for many years for the treatment of acne. However, sometimes depending on the formulation BPO molecules can be too big and that reduces efficiency and creates irritation. We ensure our BPO has molecules that are small enough to go inside the pore and kill the acne bacteria, without causing as much irritation.

A wholesome line of products – When going through a skin correcting regimen a lot of people will need to change up their regimen after the first two months or so, usually by increasing the strength of their active products. #SKIN provides its customers with options to do that, without having to research the cosmetic world again looking for a stronger option. That is also the reason we offer Product Kits and offer additional toners, sun protection and anti-aging alternatives for acne sufferers. We want to make sure you have everything your skin needs. Yes, some products are active and do the main work like kill bacteria and clean your pores, but they could also be a little drying or irritating, so we control that by supplying you with the appropriate cleanser, toner or moisturizer.